Saturday, August 29, 2009


Al Gore has made a name for himself. From Senator to Vice President to almost-President to an Enviro-Cult Leader to Concert Promoter and Nobel Prize winner. He's quite a guy.

In fact, he has become something of a celebrity you might say. If you doubt that, just ask any of his tree-hugging worshippers and they might just throw their tofu shake in your face. At least that is the impression that Peter Foster gets as he writes in his piece: Peter Foster: The man who doubted Al Gore.

Foster, it seems, isn't buying all that Big Al has to sell and writes:

If one were to think of current candidates for the most disastrous of faux pas, surely none could be greater than “The Man Who Expressed Skepticism About atastrophic Man-made Global Warming.” Not merely do mouths gape, but eyes roll at any dimwit’s failure to grasp that there is “consensus” on the issue. Indeed, to dissent is seen not merely as evidence of mental deficiency but moral turpitude.


It conforms to a broad view — long and fondly promoted by fans of Big Government — that capitalism is essentially short-sighted and greed-driven (just look at the subprime crisis!). This stance is not merely appealing to activist politicians and bureaucrats, it is pure gold for the vast and growing army of radical NGO environmental lobby groups, whose raison d’ĂȘtre — and fundraising — are closely related to the degree to which nature is seen to be “endangered.” It is also appealing to rent seeking businessmen who see the profit potential in the vast array of controls and subsidies.

Nevertheless, most ordinary people reasonably imagine in the face of such a weight of “authority” that the case must be closed. It isn’t. For a start, the weight of authority is based on the political doctoring of studies that are in any case designed to countenance no other conclusion than that man-made carbon dioxide drives the climate. Moreover, the very fact that the theory’s promoters are so reluctant to actually engage in scientific debate (No time to talk. Must act!) is highly suspicious.

However, once you get people believing in “authority,” then you’re pretty much home and dry. Authority relieves us of the anxiety of uncertainty and the pain of thought. If the issue can also be portrayed as “moral” (millions of poor people dying from biblical droughts and floods!) then to question it is not merely cause for rejection but censure. Skeptics must be either crackpots or in the pay of Big Oil or Big Coal.

A brilliant article and worth sharing if, for no other reason than to draw the ire of those who drink the snake oil that Al Gore and the rest of his enviro-cult followers are selling.

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