Sunday, November 8, 2009

Health Care: Who Voted to End Individual Rights?

Under the cover of darkness on Saturday night, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 220-215 to nationalize America's health care system.

"If this health care bill becomes law, America, life as you have known it, freedom as you have exercised it and privacy as you have enjoyed it will cease to be," says Judge Andrew Napolitano of the nearly 2,000 page freedom-ending monstrosity of a bill (download all 1,990 pages here or view a partial breakdown of the bill on WSJ here).

Despite the freedom-ending language contained in the bill, 219 Democrats and one Republican voted to end freedom as we know it.

here to view who voted for it (in blue) and who voted against it (in red).

The question is, fellow Spartans and Patriots, will you remember these anti-freedom, anti-individual rights, peddlers of pull when election time comes?

We certainly hope so, as the best place for these Congressional culprits is the unemployment line.

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  1. The conflict lays between ideologies the embrace either “social justice” or “personal responsibility”. We have a war brewing between the two ideologies and it is being played out in Washington right before our eyes. We have one group on the left demanding to receive what they are “owed” by society because of social justice ideology or redistribution of wealth. This group believes that people’s rights outweigh their individual responsibilities. The group on the right are demanding to be left alone to “earn and keep” the fruits of their labor through personal responsibility. They believe that personal responsibility is more powerful and important than the collectives’ rights. In the end we all lose, we lose control, we lose health care services, we lose the freedom of choice and eventually we lose our dignity. The government does not give anything to anyone that it does not forcibly take from someone else.

    If society is the only goal, then the individual is lost.


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