Saturday, January 2, 2010


Conspiracy theories are always interesting.

For every malaise that befalls man, there is generally a conspiracy behind it.

While many of the conspiracy theories make all-too-often convenient sense, others are sometimes just too outlandish to remotely make sense.

Among the many conspiracy theories out there is the "thin the world's population" theory.  That is, a powerful (and rich) grouping of individuals wish to commit mass murder in the number of billions in order to control the remaining populace.

Could it be true?  Sure.

However, it doesn't make sense.  Here's why:

If there is a group of omnipotent control freaks wishing the world dead, from a pure power and economic standpoint, they would be sacrificing their own self-interests.  If they are that powerful (in that they already control the world), then more people, not less, is better...for their profits, their power, their experimentation, and their wealth.

In the meantime, former-Navy Seal-turned-pro-wrestler-turned-actor-turned-politician-turned-conspiracy-theorist Jesse Ventura is the latest to jump on the conspiracy bandwagon.

Here, he takes on the Big Bilderberg Conspiracy Theory.

Ventura may be right, he may be wrong, or he may merely be after ratings (or a combination of all of the above).  In either case, the conspiracy theories will continue and the world will either continue to grow, or we'll all be killed off by a secret society of ne'er do wells (or, as they're more commonly referred to: 'THEM.')

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