Monday, October 12, 2009

For $12 Million, We Could Begin Galt's Gulch!

In response to the question: "If invited to join Galt's Gulch, would you go?" a reader of Linkedin posted a link to a private island that is for sale off the coast of Chile for $12 million.

Here is the information:

A 16,000 acre island sanctuary, Isla San Pedro offers a doorway into the ancient world, where unique species of flora and fauna still flourish, and history is an open book.

Located in the southern region of Chile in South America, Isla San Pedro offers stunning views of the lower Andean Mountains, natural lakes, and a wealth of natural history. Darwin surveyed this Patagonian paradise in 1834. Roads have been constructed around the island as well as some beautiful rustic cabins. In addition to the island, a 2.5 acre parcel in Quellon within walking distance of the airport containing three cottages, one boathouse and dock, 28 foot fibreglass boat and truck will be included.
Is anyone interested?...

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