Sunday, October 18, 2009

On Pitbulls & Poodles: Meghan McCain is an Asset to the Future of the GOP

In the dog-eat-dog world of politics, it seems there is ample room in the proverbial dog pound for poodles and pit bulls.

In 2008, then-candidate Obama had Obama Girl and David Axlerod. And, for better or worse, John McCain had Sarah Palin...and Sarah Palin.

While policy wonks will always have their place, it seems that much of today's electorate could care less about details and more about sex appeal. [Hey, how else could an inexperienced candidate sell 'change' without really defining it?]

This brings us to Meghan McCain and the assets she brings to her father's Grand Old Party.

If the GOP really wants to get over its eight years of GWB, Cheney & Co., as well as its old fart image so it can move on, it had better start viewing Meghan McCain and her assets as...well...assets toward its future rebuilding.

While Ann Coulter is attractive, she is a policy pit bull. Ms. Coulter has great intellect and many other great points [like pointy elbows and pointy knees to go along with her pointy wit], but she is also only one attractive voice in an otherwise overly male and pale party that can't seem to get out of its own way.

Ms. Coulter may appeal to logic and reason but Ms. McCain appeals to something entirely different. In fact, while Ms. Coulter may provide the policy reasons American soldiers put their lives on the lines fighting enemies abroad, Ms. McCain gives the emotional appeal that young soldiers think of when they think of home.

Ms. McCain may not have the answers to Afghanistan (nor should she at 24) but she certainly has other assets that the GOP could (and should) put to good use--like creating a media frenzy over one 140-character "tweet," and a picture of herself holding a book. Further, when the picture posted creates a backlash, Ms. McCain has the ability to throw a curvy punch or two back at her critics as well.

In terms of making news, Ms. McCain's 'twitslip' last week garners twice as many google hits as Ann Coulter and half as many as Mitt Romney does over the same time period.

In fact, as vote-getters go, if they were to go head to head, it would be a safe bet to put Meghan McCain's sex appeal against Ann Coulter's brilliant razor sharp tongue for drawing new and much-needed young people into the GOP.

As ad men have known for years, sexy 'hipness' sells. However, if the policy wonks within the GOP don't realize this and begin to appreciate Meghan McCain and the assets she can bring to restoring their appeal to younger voters, we're sure the Libertarian Party would welcome her with open arms!

So, unless the GOP chooses to let itself go entirely to the dogs, it would be wise for the GOP to embrace both the pitbull and the poodle to ensure its future.

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  1. I'm sorry but this is just ridiculous. Meghan McCain has become a national joke, and that happened long before she posted her scary-as-hell boobs on Twitter. She's dumber than a box of rocks, and a large majority of the population laughs at her, with good reason. She's a spoiled brat who is way too stupid and way too eff-ed up to ever have an impact on the Republican party.

  2. Andi:

    The problem is that people think she should be taken seriously (note the Obama girl reference above). She has a place, but not as a policy wonk. Imagine what news it will be as/if she is chased out into the awaiting arms of another party...and takes all her OMG girlfriends with her. The GOP can't afford to alienate any more people and, besides, she is harmless.


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