Thursday, October 1, 2009


In addition to being accused of hypocritically using non-union labor during the shooting of his most recent anti-capitalism movie, Capitalism: A Love Story, it seems Michael Moore really hates the system that made him rich.

Telling CNS News that "capitalism did nothing" for him, Moore denied the very system that has made him a millionaire.

Though Moore derisively laughs off his millionaire status, CNS News reports:

According to Fortune Magazine, Moore’s films have grossed over $300 million worldwide. His highest grossing film was “Fahrenheit 9/11,” which critiques the Bush administration’s handling of the war in Iraq and earned over $200 million worldwide.

Moore reportedly was paid $21 million by Disney for producing, directing and creating the film.

Moore also earned 50 percent of the profits of his 2007 film "Sicko,” totaling $25 million plus DVD sales, according to Vanity Fair.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Moore would receive all of the profits made from DVD sales of “Sicko,” sales of which have been estimated at over $17 million.

“Look, you know, I mean, I make documentary films,” said Moore. “So, clearly, I’m not loaded in the way you described. But I do well, obviously because my films do well.”

With his most recent film getting a lot of pre-release hype, Moore is sure to be hating depositing all those checks in his capitalist-run banks. Of course, he probably doesn't mind paying his millionaire superstar agent Ari Emanuel (White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel's brother) his cut of the capital earned.
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  1. Well played, sir. I was considering my own personal rant on this very topic.

  2. perhaps Mr. Moore should volunteer 60% of his income to the government ,since he is so anti-capitalist. maybe reside in one of those socialist leaning countries like England or zCanada whose wealthy are flocking to the US for tax relief and better /quicker healthcare.


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