Friday, September 4, 2009


An amusing story from the Washington Times today:

There's no "I" in "team," but there is definitely one in "Biden."

With President Obama off on vacation, his second in two weeks, unofficial Acting President Joe Biden has stepped into the vacuum, claiming credit Thursday for the successes of the administration's $787 billion stimulus package and fielding questions on health care reform -- something his boss hasn't done in nearly two weeks.

The vice president, borrowing Mr. Obama's teleprompter for a speech before a friendly audience at the Brookings Institution, said "I" more than a dozen times as he pointed repeatedly to progress on the economy and to his lofty role in the process.

View video here.
[Apparently, as he claims the "economic stimulus" plan (the one that would save or create millions of jobs) is working, the VPOTUS doesn't realize that, under he and his boss' handling of the economy, unemployment is currently 9.7%.]

Since Barack's Teleprompter has a mind of his its own, we anxiously await its commentary.
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