Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Nancy Pelosi is holding tightly to President Barack Obama's health care "package." The question is, will tonight's mucho grande speech help pull his chestnuts out of the roasting fire.

According to Politico:
Tired of watching helplessly as House bills are carved up to win support from conservative Democrats and moderate Republicans in the Senate, the speaker has a message for President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: Take the public option out of health care reform, and you may not have a bill at all.
In other words, Pelosi's pushing for nothing less than 'the public option' and she and her fellow liberals will destroy all reform efforts unless they get their way.

To make matters worse, Obama's poll numbers are in the tank.
Public disapproval of President Barack Obama's handling of health care has jumped to 52 percent, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll released hours before he makes his case for overhaul in a prime-time address to Congress.

As Obama prepares for his big speech tonight, the question we'll find out tomorrow is: After 29 events and 122 speeches on health care can he gain any credibility back? In a word: Nope.

Although he's come from behind before (just ask Hillary Clinton), the nation is quickly becoming wary of he and Pelosi's push to radicalize America. And, while Barack Obama gives one heck of a good speech, no one in America (except for the freaks who keep voting her in) trusts Nancy Pelosi.

Worse still, the Democrats are losing one of their most trusted constiuencies, the senior citizens. [Guess who gets rationed first when rationing begins?]

The perpetual and oh-so-useful campaign demon of George W. Bush is gone, demonizing insurance companies will only go so far and, at present, the economy is still in tatters. In sum, Obama's "hope" and "change" has been, for many already skeptical Americans, transformed to: "Oh. This is not what we were hoping for and you can keep that kind of change."

This is not to say, however, that Pelosi can't tighten her hold on Obama's 'package' and force her agenda.

However, if Obama allows that to happen, despite his natural desire to do so, he will be seen as weak and non-presidential. Therefore, he's either all in (damn the poll numbers) for the 'public option' or he needs to show his ability to get Pelosi's claws out of his mojo and do health care reform without it.

In either case, on health care, he's in a no-win situation and we don't see him pulling it out and being able to regain his credibility.

Call it what you will, nationalizing health care is socializing health care and you're either for it or your against it.

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