Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Man of Peace Just Helped Attack...Somalia...?

What happened to Barack Obama, the Man of Hope, the Man of Peace, the man who was supposed to get the U.S. out of Iraq, do a better job in Afghanistan and, overall, be the Man of Peace and Change? What happened?

Not only is America still in Iraq, Afghanistan's a mess with more U.S. casualties since we entered that country after the 9/11 attacks but, now, the U.S. has attacked Somalia. Why?

According to the Associated Press:

Foreign troops in helicopters strafed a car Monday in a Somali town controlled by Islamist insurgents, killing two men and capturing two others who were wounded, witnesses said. U.S. military officials said U.S. forces were involved in the raid.

The commando-style action took place in a village near Barawe amid growing fears that al-Qaida is gaining a foothold in this lawless nation.

Two U.S. military officials said forces from the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command were involved. The officials gave no details about the raid or its target, and they spoke on condition of anonymity because the operation was secret.
According to Anti-War.com

What the officials wouldn’t comment on was exactly why the United States, which launched a failed “peacekeeping” operation in the nation in 1993 and backed an Ethiopian invasion in 2007, had decided to launch yet another foreign adventure, though media outlets speculated that it was probably something to do with al-Qaeda.

The United States has recently been supplying the self-described Somali
“government” with
“tons of arms,” according to the State Department. Yet reports on the ground suggest that forces loyal to this faction, which only controls a handful of city blocks in the capital city of Mogadishu, have generally just sold the US-supplied weapons on the open market.

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