Saturday, September 5, 2009

White House Weasels Out of Ethics by Granting 10 "Ethics Waivers." How Can You Waive Ethics?

Ethics. You either have them or you don't.

"Waiving" ethics is something weasels do...Saying that you've got them, then, when ethics don't fit you're needs, you "waive" them.

Apparently, the White House only wants them some of the time.

From ABC News:

Calling President Obama's Executive Order on Ethics for Executive Branch personnel "the strongest ethics standards in U.S. government history," White House counsel Norm Eisen on Friday announced 10 more waivers for Obama administration officials.

The waivers will allow the officials to participate with persons with whom and entities with which "the appointees formerly had a professional relationship," Eisen wrote, "because there was a compelling public interest in allowing it."

[Emphasis added.]

...And that "public interest" would be?

Sounds like a lapse of ethics to us...Or none at all.


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