Monday, September 7, 2009


A week after controversy erupted around President Barack Obama's planned speech to America's students on Tuesday, the White House has released the transcript of his speech.

While much of the speech is directed toward kids with problems, kids in poverty, and kids of single parents, in this regard, Obama's speech can be considered inspiring in an "ask not what your country can do for you..." kind of way.

The bulk of Obama's message is of 'personal responsibility' and 'lifting yourself up' if you're disadvantaged in some way.

For many of America's kids who don't come from broken homes or live in impoverished neighborhoods, the majority of Obama's speech will be viewed as one of those 'preachy' types of speeches. In fact, for kids who have traditional homes, though they may be fewer and fewer, much of the President's speech will likely not connect with them.

In this regard, the President's speech is just like having the stranger with a pocketful of candy come talk at your kids' school. And, for those parents who are concerned about Obama's indoctrination, the lesson to teach the kids is: Don't take candy from a stranger or a politician.

To read the President's speech, go here

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